Overnight Boarding

Meet and Greet

We require meeting with all new clients to ensure all the “kids” coming to play are well socialized. 

This is done by appointment only and takes about 20-30 minutes.

*meet & greet needs to be scheduled a minimum of 7 days before requesting boarding  

To set up a time to meet email: 7treefarms@gmail.com

*Puppies under 6 months do not require a meet & greet. You may set one up if you choose. ❤️ 

1/2 day of daycare

After your meet and greet, we need to host a playdate with your furry friend. This will allow us to assess how well your dog interacts with others and anxiety level when separated from you.

After their first visit we will either approve your boarding request immediately or require more daycare visits. This is entirely dependent on the comfort level of your dog.

*During this visit we may discover additional training requirements to encourage good manners in a group setting.


Required Immunizations

  • DHPP
  • Rabies
  • Bordetella
  • Clean fecal test result *We have Giardia tests available. Contact us for more information.


All males over 6 months must be neutered.

We do not accept females in heat or within 4 weeks of cycle. If a female comes into heat while under our care we will contact you or your emergency contact to come get her.


Slumber party guests participate in daycare activities during the day. On the day of pick up there is the standard daycare charge. 1/2 day charge if picked up before noon, full daycare charge if picked up afternoon. 

*See our routine on the daycare page.


If your dog requires medications while under our care, they will be given at no extra cost. 

Please include detailed instructions on your account. *We have pill pockets for an additional charge if needed.


Slumber party guests eat the food you provide between 6am – 7am, noon (if lunch is required) & 5pm. 

*we have products available to add to your dogs food should they need a little encouragement eating.


Everyone sleeps in a crate. 

Bedding, crates & dishes provided.

You may bring your own small bedding if you’d like. (Please leave toys at home)

Add ons

We have 100% natural probiotics for anyone with an upset tummy, CBD treats to help with anxiety, dental chews, food toppers to promote eating, vitamins, peanut butter or yogurt filled Kong.

Bath & brush also available before going home upon request. 

*pending staff availability 

Furry FaceTime

If you own an apple device and would like to check on your slumber party guest, we offer FaceTime at $1 per minute.

*Communicate with your nanny to coordinate timing.

Loyalty points & perks

For every dollar spent you earn points to use on products & services.

All dogs staying 7 nights or more will receive a free bath.

Updates & pics

You are welcome to check on your pup via text any time during their stay.

Pics & videos can be sent upon request at no extra charge.

Business Hours

Business Hours

Monday – Friday: 7am-6pm

Drop off times

Monday – Friday: 7-9am or 11-noon.

Saturday: 9-10am 

We do not accept drop offs outside these times for the happiness and health of your doggies. 

Pick up times

Monday – Friday: 7am – 6pm

Saturday & Sunday: 9-10am or 4-5pm


Overnight boarding prices are not based on a 24 hour period. For every night your dog(s) sleep here, there is a boarding charge.

Standard daycare charge on the day of pick up: 1/2 daycare charge if picked up before noon, Full daycare charge if picked up after noon.  

 CashCredit Card*
Weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun)$47$49
Holiday (pricing starts 3 days before & after actual holiday date)$49$51 
2 Dogs Non-weekend/Holiday$82$84
2 Dogs Weekend$86$88
2 Dogs Holiday$88$92

**Holidays include New Years Day, President’s Day, Easter, Jordan School District Spring Break, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Pioneer Day, Labor Day, Jordan School District Fall Break, Thanksgiving, Christmas.