overnight boarding


If you would like to be added to the waiting list, text us with your contact information, your dog’s name and breed and we will contact you when we have openings to meet.

Proof of immunizations required.

Temperament assessment required by appointment only. 

Minimum 1/2 day of daycare required before boarding.

Our #1 priority is the health and happiness of your dog during their stay. 

*Temperament assessment, half day of daycare and boarding are done on separate days. Please plan ahead so your dog has plenty of time to acclimate before their slumber party. If your pup is more on the anxious side, numerous daycare days may be required before boarding requests are approved. 

**We do not take females in heat or un-neutered males at this time.

***Male puppies that have full set of shots but not old enough to be neutered are ok as long they show no signs of aggression or mark inside the daycare room. 

****Unaltered females that are not in heat are welcome however we cannot take her overnight if she is near her cycle. 🐶

Payment methods: Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express. *Discount given when paying in cash.

Business hours & Routine

Monday – Friday drop off:  7 – 9am or 11am – noon

Pick up between 7am – 6pm

Saturday drop off: 9 – 10am, Pick up: 3 – 4pm. No afternoon drop off.

Sunday: 9 – 10am or 4 – 5pm *Pick up only*

When you arrive for drop off/pick up, send us a text. We will come out and get your dog/bring them out to you. 

*Please do not knock on the door or ring the doorbell. 


Non-holiday: $42
Holidays: $47

*Discount given when paying with cash.

*Standard daycare charge on the day of pick up. ($16 if picked up by noon, $30 if picked up afternoon)

*Overnight prices are NOT based on a 24 hour period. For every night your pup sleeps here there is a boarding fee.

Holidays include New Years, Easter, Jordan School District Spring Break, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Jordan School District Fall Break, Thanksgiving & Christmas. Holiday rates begin and end within 5 days of holiday.