overnight boarding

Proof of immunizations, temperament assessment and 1/2 day of daycare required before boarding. 

Temperament assessment by appointment only.

Assessment and daycare/boarding are not done the same day.

*Temperament assessment, half day of daycare and boarding are done on separate days. 

Boarding is not guaranteed until they pass their first half day of daycare.

**I do not take females in heat or un-neutered males at this time.

***Male puppies that have full set of shots but not old enough to be neutered are ok as long they are well mannered.

Limited availability.

Reservation fee of $40 or $45 to secure your spot. 

Fee is non-refundable and is credited to the total cost of their stay. 

Payment methods: Cash, Venmo, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express. * 3% added when using PayPal or credit card. 1.9% + $.10 fee for Venmo.

Business hours

Monday – Friday:

Drop off between 7 – 9am or 11am – noon

Pick up between 7am – 6pm

Saturday: 9 – 10am or 3 – 4pm

Sunday: 9 – 10am or 4 – 5pm *Pick up only*


Non-holiday: $40
Holidays: $45 

​*These are our cash prices*

~Venmo fee: 1.9% + $.10 per transaction

~Paypal & credit card fee: 3% + $.30 per transaction

*Standard daycare charge on the day of pick up. ($15 if picked up by noon, $28 if picked up afternoon)

*Overnight prices are NOT based on a 24 hour period. For every night your pup sleeps here there is a boarding fee.

Holidays include New Years, Easter, Jordan School District Spring Break, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Jordan School District Fall Break, Thanksgiving & Christmas. Holiday rates begin and end within 5 days of holiday.