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Shari Johnson - The Owner

Shari Johnson

Owner, Retired Groomer, Dog lover Extraordinaire

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. 
I have been working in the pet industry for 25 years as a groomer, caretaker and veterinary technician. My passion is caring for and working with dogs as they bring so much happiness to the lives of their families. Thank you so much for your business and friendship.

Kaitlyn - Assistant Manager/Nanny


Assistant Manager/Nanny 

Kaitlynn has been with the 7 tree farms family since 2020. She loves all the “kids” that come to visit and has been known to tear up when meeting any breed of bulldogs. 


Assistant Manager/Nanny 

Salem joined our family in 2021. Real face coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy Bentley’s smile because he has decided she belongs to him. Salem all caps LOVES dogs and they know it. She is always down on the floor with them giving them as many hugs and kisses as they can dish out. Bentley is a Bernese/Pyreneese mix.