What makes us unique

The mission of 7 tree farms is to connect dog loving humans with each other; to inspire humans to give others the same love, loyalty and friendship that dogs give to us. At 7 tree farms the phrase “Be the good you want to see in the world” has been simplified to “Be the dog.”


Our mission is about connection. Our goal is to connect with each of you through your dog(s). While your dog is in our care, we learn how they connect with other dogs and with us. Understanding how your dog connects and communicates will give you a well behaved, happy dog!


Arts & Crafts

Throughout the year we have craft activities that involves your pet in some way. If finger painting is good enough for people, it’s good enough for pups!


Summer Fun

With Utah summer temperatures there are no complaints when we fill up the puppy pool. We have our pool parties earlier in the day in order to give your pooch time to dry off before getting in your car. *Outside playtime is limited on extremely hot days.



If your pup comes to play around howl-oween, they get to dress up and have their picture taken! (Costumes provided by 7 Tree Farms)



Just like you, your dog has its own particular learning style. We offer a training program that will strengthen your relationship with your dog as well as improve behavior.


Loyalty points

For every dollar you spend you receive points to use on products & services. Follow us on social media for details.